cold pizza. tie dye shirts.


When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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Change is good. Adaptation is the very definition of life, and I am very much alive. 


relationship status: mainly just crying into a bottle of vodka with Dancing On My Own playing 

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One day, I wanted to make my mum a perfume myself. So I went outside to pick all the roses in the garden and then crushed them in a bowl, adding water and everything I could find. I brought it to her saying, “Hey, mum, I made this for you.” I remember as she looked out into the garden, a bit torn between the sight of her flowerless rose-bushes and this ever so cute present… Every time, the smell of roses brings back that memory.” - Kit Harington / Elle France

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Boston is so pretty in the summer

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Do Ya Like // Childish Gambino ft Adele


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